JW Boylin Group Returns to Its Roots: Reopens Office on Regent Street, Barnsley


Barnsley, South Yorkshire – February 28, 2024

In a nostalgic move that signals a return to its humble beginnings, JW Boylin Group, a longstanding presence in the local business community, has announced its decision to relocate its office back to Regent Street in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. This move comes nearly seven decades after the company first opened its doors on the very same street in 1954.

Established as a small family-owned engineering business, the company has adapted and grown over the years into a prominent player in the region’s commercial landscape, offering a mix of business units, workspaces and Self Storage facilities. Throughout its illustrious history, the company has remained deeply rooted in the Barnsley community, maintaining a steadfast commitment to its local roots.

The decision to return to Regent Street holds significant sentimental value for the company, evoking memories of its formative years and paying homage to its enduring legacy. Speaking about the move, CEO Jonathan Boylin, grandson of the founder John Boylin, expressed heartfelt sentiments, stating, “Returning to our original location on Regent Street is not just a business decision; it’s a tribute to our heritage and the enduring spirit of community that has defined us for decades.”

The move to Regent Street marks a new chapter in JW Boylin Group’s history, symbolising continuity, resilience, and a deep-seated appreciation for its origins. As the company embarks on this exciting journey, it looks forward to forging even stronger bonds with the Barnsley community and contributing to the region’s ongoing prosperity.

The newly reopened office on Regent Street is set to serve as a beacon of tradition and progress, embodying the enduring legacy of JW Boylin Group while charting a course towards a future defined by innovation and excellence.

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